Thematic Essay On Confucianism

Thematic Essay On Confucianism-25
During its origin and development, Confucianism has developed its own set of theories: ideas like “benevolence and righteousness” and “rite and music” developed by Confucius advocate justice and the doctrine of the mean.In terms of politics, there are ideas like “rule of virtue” and “policy of benevolence”.

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China’s classical gardens value much transferring emotion to the scenery, emotion interacting with the scenery, giving meanings to objects, and using objects to express virtues.At the same time, they merge and collectively shape the course of development of Chinese culture, which is an epitome of the complementary feature of Chinese culture.This article explains the ideas of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and how they influence Chinese gardens to offer a glimpse of the development of Chinese gardens.1.The art of Chinese garden has a rich theme of ideas and a subtle imaginary, because of the rich aesthetic ideas associated with Chinese gardens and the profound Chinese traditional culture. The answer is: a good garden is somewhere between the knowing and the not-knowing.The one who knows understands why it is good and what they like or dislike.Rather, it promotes harmonious co-existence between man and nature with the belief that they are essentially connected, hence theories such as “man is an integral part of nature” and “man and everything are one”.Therefore, ideas and theories shape Chinese people’s standards of art, which is being part of nature.Imaginary actually represents to the greatest extent the designer’s personal emotion, philosophical experience and image association.It also reflects the re-creational process of the viewer through their own association and imagination.For education, there are ideas like “make no social distinctions in teaching” that focus on education of the public and the cultivation and practice of morality.The importance of the people, the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues, Confucian orthodoxy and other ideas and the value of righteousness over benefits are also involved.


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