Thesis And Its Antithesis Leading To A Synthesis

Thesis And Its Antithesis Leading To A Synthesis-50
He created this debate between the character of Socrates, on one side, and some person such as Thrasymachus or group of people to whom Socrates was talking on the other side.

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In plain terms, the Hegelian Dialectic is the battle of two extremes to get a result that is somewhere in the middle.

That result will develop an opposing force of its own and the ensuing battle yields another result.

The objective reality we have right now has incorporated within it all previous “battles” of thesis and antithesis since the beginning of time, meaning that—according to the theory—we are living in a progressive arc to absolute truth and world perfection.

The final result from that clash, the synthesis, is the best conclusion.

In all likelihood, the synthesis is not the final and absolute truth.


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