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In the past few years, several studies have tried to identify and investigate the history of the organizational structure, evolutions in technology, and policy reforms by applying process theories.More specifically, studying the locked-in organizations and policies has gained attention to challenge this locked-in status and disrupt the policy or organizational status quo—if this status quo did not and will not lead to achieving the policy or organizational goal.Studying the contextual circumstances of seemingly suboptimal limiting decisions (regarding the formation of organizations or policies) is crucial since these decisions may have shaped the present and may also shape the future.

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Both the health policies and the institutional settings adopted a dependent path that limited Egypt’s endeavors to achieve the universal coverage.

This dependent path also yielded many of the present-day challenges as in the weaknesses of the healthcare financing system and the inability to extend health coverage to the poor and the informal sector.

What makes some organizations or policies persist over time?

If there are better alternatives, why can we not select them?

We also found that preferences for rational thinking styles and maintained executive functioning were associated with liberal ideology in older adults.

Moreover, rational processing and executive function were uniquely correlated with support for universal health care in addition to party affiliation.

This article is structured in two main sections: “Section (1): Path Dependence Theory” discusses the characteristics, framework, and application of path dependence theory and is followed by “Section (2): The Sociopolitical Alterations and the Health Sector in Egypt,” which describes an analysis of the sociopolitical transformation and its reflection on the health sector and the status of UHC in Egypt.

This article ends with a discussion on the findings of both sections under the Discussion and Conclusion sections.

Another important definition for path dependence is that it refers to “a property of contingent, non-reversible dynamic processes, including a wide array of processes that can be properly be described as evolutionary” (7).

According to Mahoney (8), path dependence is a set of consecutive events, which start unfolding from a key choice milestone or critical juncture.


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