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Would I have all rights for selling this product or since my professor is essentially guiding me and assisting me in my research, does he/she own a part of it as well?I can only seem to find answers on the internet that pertain to the copyright permissions of the actual developed thesis, not products that might be derived from such efforts, or code that was developed in tandem with writing the thesis.The thesis should be a mix of theory and case-studies whereby students take full advantage of the European and comparative approach of the 4CITIES program.

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I realize my thesis is my work and I have the copyright permissions, but I am wondering what rights I have and what rights my school has if I were to take my thesis and develop it into a product which I then sell to customers.When it comes to the sale of commercial, industrial, and investment property, Ryan Joffe Properties is uniquely positioned to provide you with excellent service and results.Our track record includes a showcase of prosperous sales that are valued in the hundreds of millions.And of course the entire teaching staff is open to speaking with you about your thesis.The final draft of your thesis is due in June, with a public defence to be held in Vienna in early July.The thesis development process begins in Brussels with the selection of a topic and the pairing of students with supervisors.A series of workshops are held in Vienna, leading to the presentation of an elaborated thesis proposal.Students select their own topic of research, and should consider their personal interests, professional expectations, disciplinary background, and the capacity of 4CITIES staff to supervise a certain topic.The topic should be in the field of urban studies, and will ideally make use of a student’s previous disciplinary expertise while exploring new disciplinary grounds.Any links to proof or legal precedence would be very helpful as well.Your institution almost certainly has a policy on this, and an office dedicated to administering it. If you really think this is serious, you should also consult an intellectual property attorney rather than relying on the babblings of some goofball from the Internet (e.g. In the US, of a university are commonly required to sign an agreement that the university has an interest in any patent or other profitable invention that they develop in the course of their work.


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