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The movie contains several similarities with the book. After the meeting, everyone realized that the Soviet Union was lying about the whole situation.However, the most important similarities are the series of events that led to the whole ordeal, the influence of Adlai Stevenson, and the compromise that the United States and the U. They were in fact transporting nuclear missiles to Cuba when they promised that they were not.I can see why this film hasn't been a great commercial success. It's quite cerebral, and although it has some exciting pre-conflict scenes, it's not a "war film".

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It hints at conspiracies to (later) depose and otherwise get rid of both Kennedy and Khruschev from within for what turned out to be a very unpopular resolution with the hardliners on both sides.

I especially like that the movie acknowledged the humanity of the individual decision-makers without getting too Capra-esquire or preachy.

Kennedy, is an account of the Cuban Missile Crisis based on the view of Robert F. This book contains Kennedy's thoughts about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the actions that he and the rest of the United States cabinet took to prevent a nuclear disaster and World War III.

There is also a movie based on the book starring Kevin Costner. reconnaissance photograph of soviet missile sites on Cuba, taken from a Lockheed U-2 spy plane following the Cuban missile crisis. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567791018" English: Nikita Kruschev letter to President Kennedy stating that the Cuban Missile Crisis quarantine constitute[s] an act of aggression propelling humankind into the abyss of a world nuclear-missile war. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567791018"The first major similarity is the series of events that led up to the ordeal.

Much to the disgust of military ‘hawks’ like Air Force general Curtis Le May, Kennedy decides to impose a naval blockade around Cuba.

American naval vessels will stop and search ships entering Cuban waters, to prevent more Soviet military equipment and personnel from being landed on the island.Most movies that are based on books are often exceeding inaccurate, due to Hollywood directors trying to "spice up" the movie. In the book, it starts off with a meeting of the President and most of the cabinet. However, the movie starts off with the U-2 plane actually taking the pictures, which is not in the book.However, Thirteen Days is one of the few movies that are not wildly inaccurate. After the U-2 flight, the movie then joined the book, where the President and the cabinet met together for the briefing.In fact, one of the most fascinating parts of the film is the revelation that both sides lack information as to the other side's true intentions.It was this uncertainty that back in October 1962, could have led to the end of civilization as we know it.I recommend this film especially strongly to high school and college age students who are too young to have any Cold War memory, as well as to those who lived through the era and may have forgotten what it felt like to come this an American motion picture directed by Roger Donaldson and released in 2000. is a dramatisation of the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962 (its title refers to the length of the crisis).Moscow sends different messages in response, while several Soviet freighters are spotted heading across the Atlantic to Cuba.The freighters eventually stop at the quarantine line, however, subsequent developments push the US and the Soviet Union to the brink of war.This is a movie about the development of foreign policy in a crisis; it spells out with brilliant detail the decision-making process of JFK's inner circle, the tension between the Executive Office of the President and the Departments of State and Defense, and the attempts by the Military Industrial Complex (namely the Joint Chiefs) to undermine the diplomatic approaches favored by the president.It highlights the conflict between military standard operating procedures ("rules of engagement") and the better judgment/common sense of right-thinking human beings.


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