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People of all ages wear it with pride because it is one of the emblems of their cultural identity.

Knowing and understanding these customs is important because while visiting the country, you must abide to their rules and customs; otherwise, you might end up in an embarrassing situation because western practices and customs are totally different from the customs of the Korean people.

As good and old habits die hard, both the Korean countries are still deeply rooted in their culture and traditions.

Influenced by the philosophical brilliance of Confucius, Koreans believe in family, community and society, unlike western ideology of individualism.

Today, a Korean blue-glazed pottery, is famous all over the world.

Traditions Customs Essay Essay On John Gardner

This pottery style was passed on to the Japanese by the Koreans.A Korean marriage does not mean the union of two individuals only, but also the unification of two families and two different lifestyles.Matchmaking with the help of matchmakers ( is the name given to traditional Korean attire.Red, yellow and pink colors denote happiness and prosperity in the Korean culture.The use of white, black or green colors for wrapping is offensive and must be avoided. However, dining and eating means following a strict protocol.Koreans believe in sincerity and following protocols while meeting, eating, praying or even celebrating is very important.Let us have a look at different Korean etiquette in this section of the article.The younger generations have blended the western culture with their native culture by shaking hands after bowing to each other.Gifts have remained an integral part of their culture; however, gifts are always given according to the capacity and affordability of the other person because Koreans firmly believe in reciprocating.The Korean language is spoken in both the countries and a similar family system is followed in both countries.Globalization has made certain changes to the family patterns and social structure, predominantly in South Korea because of its flexible policies, which is not the case with North Korean politics.


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