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What are the differences between the Project and the Thesis? If I am planning on completing a Thesis, how do I find an advisor?

Honours – Application Honours Thesis Library If you are a third year student in the honours seminar or a fourth year student registered in an honours thesis, email us at [email protected] get information on how to explore our thesis library for examples of honours theses written by students working in a variety of different research areas.

Course Prerequisites: Psychology 3800 is a prerequisite for Psychology 4850E and 4851E.

In addition, Psychology 4850E students must have taken one of 3184F/G, 3185F/G, 3285F/G, 3480F/G, 3485F/G, 3580F/G, 3780F/G or 3840F/G, and Psychology 4851E students must have taken one of 3184F/G, 3185F/G, 3285F/G, or 3485F/G.

Students should secure a Faculty Thesis Advisor by fall semester of the junior year (typically this will be a faculty member you have done 4998 research with).

Return to FAQGo to the 'Be a Research Assistant' webpage and find a project that sparks your interest. Once accepted, you can negotiate your hours and responsibilities (this will determine the number of credit hours you receive), have the faculty member sign a course enrollment form (s/he will have the class number), take the course enrollment form to the Psychology Advising Office (PS 015).However, with support of the Faculty Thesis Advisor, a students may begin a Thesis and Psychology 4999.01 in spring of their sophomore year.The Honors Thesis is independent research conducted by the student and supervised by a psychology faculty member (only tenured or tenure-track faculty may advise an Honors Thesis).The Thesis is independent research conducted by the student and supervised by a psychology faculty member.The Psychology Department requires completion of a two-course sequence (Psychology 4999..02).Return to FAQAfter you have successfully completed your written Thesis document, you will have an hour-long meeting with your Faculty Thesis Advisor and one other faculty member.You will describe your Thesis project to them, and they will ask you questions about your work. Debra Jared ([email protected]) The Honours Thesis is a culminating experience for many students.It involves conducting independent research under the supervision of a faculty member. If are interested in applying to complete an Honours Thesis in 2019-20 please consider the information below and complete the application procedures by the deadlines.You must defend your Thesis at least two weeks before the end of the term you graduate.All Psychology honours students are provided with a capstone experience in your final year. (Honours) students register in PSYC 4908, while BSc. In order to register for the Thesis, you must submit an application form to B550 Loeb (deadline information will be communicated by email. Contact the Undergraduate Office at the following: B550 Loeb [email protected] The office is open weekdays from - and -.


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