Voice Over Business Plan

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Sadly, this is the life of most voice actors in the world.

Many sell their services for less than industry standard prices and believe that is all that can do.

People that understand business development know that it takes time to build a business and doing that is going to take a lot more than posting a question in a Facebook group.

When you have been in voice over for 2-5 years and start to make money, you realize what it took to just get to that point.

But now you are seeing that running a full-time voice over business is causing you to spend more time than you would be spending on that old job. The significance of this to you as a voice over artists is huge. You watch all the You Tube videos, webinars, and read all the blogs that offer you tips...

And worse, you are making about the same amount of money. You are getting up early to be the first to audition for things coming on freelance and P2P sites. I know most guys (men) feel that the harder they work the more of a man they are. Netflix, a startup in the industry, grew to dominance with a new delivery system and business model. Much of the advice in the voice over industry in regards to business development is old. You Don't Need Another Voice Over Tip Or Trick To Get Clients!You are waking up in the middle of the night a couple of times to double check email and answer client requests so you don't miss out on that either. In this age we live in there is absolutely no reason to believe that anymore.... Ironically, Blockbuster turned down multiple opportunities to buy Netflix for just million in 2000. You need a diagnosis of the problem as to why you are not getting more and better voice over clients.In 2017, Netflix had total assets of over billion. Transformation of your business does not come from a tip or a trick.Do you spend your days frustrated or maybe even depressed by the fact that you can’t get more voice over work?Do you watch all the big time voice actors on You Tube, read their blogs and listen to their podcasts wishing that was you?I know you are working too hard to make the money you are making in voice-over. This is truly sad because you are are a great talent and you are a beast when it comes to audio production.In fact, you probably aren't making enough money and it's starting to get scary. You have been in voice over for years and you are still struggling to get clients. You see others that may not even be as talented as you pass you by. But you still only get a few jobs a month and those jobs don't even get you close to being a full-time voice over.Every day I get emails and DM's from people asking me, "Earl how do I get more clients?" That one question has no real answer for everyone that asks it.After all the training, after setting up your recording environment, mastering your DAW, and all the classes, now it is time to actually build your business.This is a lot of work but will pay you benefits for years to come.


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