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I’ve numbered the lines for convenience, something you’ll need to do anyway when you write the formal essay since a poem has no page numbers. Line 7-8: (I’m taking these lines together since there’s no dash–the two lines are one complete thought): Okay, so now she clearly says that she’s talking about a bird. And how does a bird, especially a “little” one, keep “so many” (I assume she means people) warm? Why is the land “chillest,” and why is it important that she heard the bird there, as opposed to somewhere else? Line 11-12: To conclude the poem, the speaker says that the bird/hope never asked for even a little bit from her. I think it means something like “the worst/most intense part or point of something,” but I’ll look it up to be sure.General observations: The poem is in three stanzas (groups of lines) of four lines each, for a total of twelve lines. Just skimming it, I notice a lot of dashes, which is unusual. Line 10: Okay, so she also heard the bird/its song “on the strangest Sea.” What does that mean? I see that “Sea” is capitalized, just as “Bird” and “Gale” were. And it’s also capitalized, the fourth word in the poem to be like that. Also, why is she talking about the bird asking for a crumb?

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Today, I hope to alleviate some of your confusion and anxiety.This table had a cover made out of beautiful oil cloth, with a red and blue spread-eagle painted on it, and a painted border all around. There was some books, too, piled up perfectly exact, on each corner of the table. One was "Pilgrim's Progress," about a man that left his family, it didn't say why. Another was Henry Clay's Speeches, and another was Dr. In basic terms, Huck describes a compilation of mundane household items — a table, a basket of fruit, books, a set of chairs.Gunn's Family Medicine, which told you all about what to do if a body was sick or dead. And there was nice split-bottom chairs, and perfectly sound, too? However, it is moments such as this one that contextualize Hucks experience — explaining how Huck should be viewed in relation to society.This kind of reading is focused and attentive, hence the term “close” reading.You’re not just reading for information as you would when you read a textbook; rather, you’re trying to find a deeper meaning than the literal one on the surface. Dickinson can be quite difficult to understand, but this poem is not too hard. For our purposes, I’m going to use Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers,” as it represents the level of poem you would deal with in a typical 100 level English course.not bagged down in the middle and busted, like an old basket. In the first paragraph, Huck shows the reader how he was able to distinguish the fruit as artificial.It was clearly a curious and unusual sight for Huck to see fruit chipping away to expose white chalk; thus, his reaction was to analyze and observe the situation further.Line by line observations/questions Line 1: A strange thing to say, but not hard to imagine. Line 3: Yep, she’s definitely comparing it to a bird, as it sings. Also, notice that I made note of words I didn’t know.Hope has feathers, so maybe she’s comparing it to a bird. And it makes sense that the tune would have no words, since birds don’t really talk. If you’re even sort of unsure of the meaning of the word, especially when reading a poem, underline it or mark it some way and then look it up and write the definition somewhere on the same page as the poem so that you can refer to it later (this is also just a good way to expand your vocabulary, an important part of learning new things).


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