What Questions Do You Need To Ask Before Writing An Academic Essay

What Questions Do You Need To Ask Before Writing An Academic Essay-26
Get help from your professor or librarian if need be.

It becomes a skill when you’ve read a lot of different things that give you new perspectives or challenge your thoughts.

The more you read, the more you know, and knowing more will help you craft better essays.

When you structure the points of your essay from beginning to end, you set tangible goals for yourself, which is much easier than just winging it.

You might be a digital native, but how good are you at combing academic databases for resources? If this is uncharted territory, then it’s time to get acquainted with proper research techniques that will support your ideas, particularly if you’re writing an argumentative paper.

It should be specific in telling the reader exactly what your stance is and what main pieces of evidence or logic reinforce it.

There are different ways of writing a thesis for the various types of essays out there, so make sure yours fits!If you’re a college student, then it’s very likely that you have access to a number of great academic databases through your school library’s online portal. Popular sources, such as news and magazine articles and blogs, are usually not going to cut it when it comes to supporting an argument.Your professor probably wants to see something more official, such as a peer-reviewed source published by a credible academic institution. To use these, make sure you can access them through your school or university library website.Here’s a useful guide on writing in academic voice.When you write an essay introduction, you have a few tasks to manage.You write a summary to tell the reader what you’ll tell them.In a nutshell, your intro paragraph introduces the topic or issue you’re writing about and tells the reader how and why you’re writing about it.If you were writing a paper on graphic novels and all you type in is “graphic novels,” you would get so many results that it would be impossible to find what you were looking for.Instead, try using built-in Boolean parameters, such as AND, OR, and NOT.You can argue about almost any topic out there, but some are easier than others.That said, your professor has probably read a million “Legalize Weed” papers, so being a little more creative or finding a more specific part of a big issue to argue will likely win you big points in the long run.


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