Wild Geese Mary Oliver Essay

I read every poem two or three times in order to savour the language properly, and each poem drew me on to the next through its glorious descriptions and celebrations of the natural world.Whoever put this anthology together has done it so well.

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Never mind that he is only a memofrom the offices of fear -It's not size but surge that tells us When we're in touch with something real The best of Mary Oliver is that kind of imaginative, instinctive response to the natural world.

It in There's one poem in this book that I come back to, called Little Owl Who Lives in the Orchard.

Her poetry isn’t complex but it’s beautiful, every description unique but utterly fitting.

It’s the type of poetry that’s best appreciated while reading outdoors, but if you’re lazy like me then it can also be best read half leaning out your window, feet on the radiator, tea in hand.

I love how she writes, I love how her words are sparse and lush at the same time. Her poetry makes me feel centred and happy and safe.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Sadly, you can't buy it over here any more, but if you could I would give it to everyone as a gift.

Sometimes when I was about to read a little bit of this I didn't think I was in the right mental space for it but almost all of those times Mary coaxed me in and then I read much more than a little bit.

Every poem sings with the soul of someone who not only believes in beauty, but pursues it within everything and everywhere with a startling intensity. Awe, realisation and appreciation of the world we live in is its theme; the natural world in all its diversity (- from snakes to swans, birds, flowers, waterfalls and dogs) its subject matter; and language as serene as a still lake, as striking as a sunset, as beautiful and fragile as petals unfolding and as quiet and steady as a heartbeat - its modus of astounding.

A good poem offers us a new way of looking at the world, but Mary Oliver's poems will change your way of looking completely.


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