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The experience of these countries can become a valuable help for other countries which want to establish gender equality in the sphere of science and technology.The history shows a lot of examples of great input made by women to the development of STI.

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As stated in the report by the United Nations(2011) called , : “There is also need for recognition of the importance of applying a “gender lens” to STI for development.Despite the fact that there are women who have played an important role in the development of STI industry, their names are rarely mentioned.For example, Ada Byron King, the daughter of the famous Lord Byron, became the first computer programmer. Unfortunately, her name is rarely mentioned in the history of the development of the computer industry and when people speak about this sphere they remember the names of famous male specialists.Indeed, STI policies and programmes will not be effective, equitable and sustainable unless the gender lens is applied so as to reflect the aims, concerns, situation and abilities of both women and men” (11).People realize the gender equality is one of the components of healthy society and true development is impossible without it.Nowadays women are active in good production industry, natural-resources management, educational sphere, community management.Women occupy different positions in these spheres and professions in the spheres mentioned above are mostly considered to be female ones .Women’s engagement in STI is comparatively high and is often higher than 50 percents.Among such countries are Lithuania (68.3 %), Estonia, Estonia (63.9%), Bulgaria (63.8 %), and Latvia (63.2 %) (Human Resources in Science and Technology).The gender lens would be an essential contribution to the development of STI sphere and would enable people to meet the global changes.“UNESCO figures reveal that in 121 countries with available data, women comprise 29 percent of researchers but there were big disparities among regions.


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