Working While Attending College Essay

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And as most student jobs are found in hospitality and retail, which are both mainly customer-facing industries, you’ll be forced to interact with lots of people that you wouldn’t normally talk to.As a result, you’ll learn to be more comfortable around others.This newfound independence will also help build your character, which will be beneficial to you both while studying and in your career.

My family and myself, right now, are at the bottom of the barrel.

When we moved back from Tennessee, we had to use all the money we had saved.

After paying one month and a halt of rent, both phone bills, and the electricity bill, we had to turn around scrape for food and the following months rent, not including our other bills. We felt like ends were not meeting, so I had to find a job.

So now the way it works at my house is we both split the bills.

I, myself have three different reasons why people find it difficult to stay in college.

For one sometimes they still have to keep on working while going to school. Lastly, there's just not enough time for anything in their life, like they can't mentally or physically handle school and their lifestyle.

Being a student usually means little or no money, but when you’re working part time, you no longer have to worry about being able to afford the basic essentials – or relying on your parents or student funding to get by.

You can start affording little luxuries like going out with friends and treating yourself to something nice.

Indeed, you will generally become more organised and efficient with your time, planning ahead to ensure you can fit everything into the limited time you have.

If school work becomes overwhelming, meanwhile, ask your manager to reduce your hours so you can fit everything in.


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