Xkcd Research Paper

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” But when I read a paper or some piece of research, it’s not so much that I think, “Okay, what’s the how-to guide that I could apply this to?

” It’s more like, “Hey, would it be possible to use this to accomplish X?

aims to be a more practical guide by using math and science — taken to the absolute extreme, in Munroe’s typical style — to answer basic questions about life, like how to charge a cellphone, how to take a selfie, or how to mail a package.

While you might not be building a machine gun-powered jetpack (like Munroe explores in I was answering questions that other people sent in, and then I was trying to connect it up to interesting research I had read, or I did some calculation I wanted to share.

I was reading legal studies on how property law works (when the ground moves) because I was sort of wondering how you deal with that.

Xkcd Research Paper

After I learned about it, I was like, “Oh, well, is there is there a thing that I can work this into?

But because of ground movement, you could then go to court and say, “Well, this three inches of your property has actually moved into mine, and so I get to take possession of that.” And gradually, you’d gain your neighbor’s property while your other neighbor gains from you on the other side. But I like that, in our legal system, you could kind of do it. Were there any questions that were just too much to include, where either math didn’t work out or you couldn’t find corroborating research to support it? One of the things that I kind of had to figure out early on was, “How much do I want to write guides to questions that people really want to know how to solve?

” Because it can be sort of frustrating if you’re reading a guide that’s “How to do this thing,” and it’s something that you really don’t know how to do but would like to know how to do.

And that was cool, so I did a little thing about how to listen to music.

But in other cases, it was just me taking a problem that I’m always struggling with, like how to keep my phone charged, and then just trying to think of all the interesting ways I might solve it.


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